Entry for April 05, 2006

In case you’re wondering, among other things, Geov Parrish’s this Day in Radical History reminds us that in 1955 the

Farmers Home Administration offers loan guarantees for home fallout shelters. Just like for a tornado, only you’ll stay a bit longer.

In case you’ve not settled down yet, the above illustration shows a portable nuclear  shelter  patented in 1986 and found on Totally Absurd Inventions.

You say you need significant life saving protection from airborne radioactive fallout?  Is the cost of construction and maintenance keeping you from enjoying the comforts of a permanent nuclear fallout shelter?  Now your worries are over!  When the Big ‘A’ hits, simply dig a hole in the ground and erect this portable nuclear fallout shelter.

It’s equipped with a built-in water supply and an air filtration system which is activated by flapping the sides of the tent.  Patented in 1986 so that you too can be gamma safe and penny wise.






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