Blue Ridge Paper Products ESOP (04/ 03/06)

The above is an ad for Haywood County, NC’s Blue Ridge Paper Products, touting its charter membership EPA’s voluntary Permance Track Program 

John Dufresne’s blog for today featured a macabre story, “3 charged in castrations in Haywood ‘dungeon'” from the Ashville Citizen Times by staff writers Jon Ostendorff, John Boyle and Jordan Schrader.  It ran with editor’s note, “This story contains details that could offend some readers. 

WAYNESVILLE — At least six men traveled from across the nation and abroad to learn “slave training” and have their genitals mutilated by a man they called “Master Rick” in a sadomasochistic dungeon, according to court papers and investigators.

Too bad Haywood isn’t known instead for  the Employee Owned Stock Plan (ESOP) buyout of the Cahmpion paper mill which has increased investment in environmental abatement.  This account of the buyout is a bit too, sunny.  George Loveland’s Under the Worker’s Caps  (University of TN Press, 2005) is much more even-handed and a real page turner.  I have only one small quibble–I would have liked better editing:  I found it disconcerting when a couple of quotations appeared more than once verbatim, rather than being paraphrased.

You can listen to an interview with George here.   Here’s the information on the mill’s environmental improvements as a charter member of the and an interesting and sometimes colorful  discussion board on the problems that still remain.

I’ll be reviewing the book for the Roanoke Times.





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