Entry for March 27, 2006

Above is a picture of Lech Walesa, whom  Min and I are going to hear speak at 7:30 tonight on  “Democracy:  The Never-Ending Battle” at Roanoke College’s Bast Center.

In 1980, Walesa led the 10 million-member Solidarity trade union.   He won the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize for these dfforts.  In 1990, Walesa was elected president of Poland.   In 1995, he created a foundaton for the following purposes:

Safeguarding of the national heritage, tradition of independence and solidarity,
Promoting Poland and Poles abroad,
Consolidating democracy and implementing the free market economy in Poland,
Reinforcing the power decentralization process and the development of self-government in Poland,
Promoting moral values in politics and public activity,
Conducting research and studies on the most recent history of Poland,

  In 1998, Time Magazine named him one of the top 100 movers of the 20th century.



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