Entry for March 23, 2006

The above is one  of Art Spiegelman‘s illustrations on September 11.  Spiegelman  will be at the Virginia Festival of the Book  Saturday.  Just got a call from my friend Rob that he and Susan have a place for me to stay with them Saturday night. 

As you may recall, Spiegelman was an artist for New Yorker  starting in 1992.  He resigned soon after publishing his cover for that magazine after 9-11, protesting “the widespread conformism of the mass media in the Bush era.” 

From the time that the Twin Towers fell, it seems as if I’ve been living in internal exile, or like a political dissident confined to an island. I no longer feel in harmony with American culture, especially now that the entire media has become conservative and tremendously timid. Unfortunately, even The New Yorker has not escaped this trend: Remnick is unable to accept the challenge, while, on the contrary, I am more and more inclined to provocation.

Because no American publication was interested in his work on 9-11, he accepted a commission from the German paper Der Zeit for his series of panels that eventually became his book, In the Shadow of No Towers (Pantheon, 2004).






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