Entry for February 16, 2006

The above illustration is from the wags at Chickenhead.com’s new site, DeadEye Dick Cheney’s Gun Club .  These are the same folks who brought you his Psychedelic Republican trading card .

Last night in another example of the disappearing news,  Mom was telling me how she had only heard a brief report on Harry Whittington, Cheney’s shooting victim, suffering a heart attack and then nothing else.  She wondered if it were even true. 

I had seen a story on the internet last night, but when I searched for it today, the only story that came up readily was one from The Indian Express,  which reprinted the New York Times Story by Elisabeth Bumiller and Anne E. Kornblut.   Of course, in fairness, when you google on “Cheney + gun + heart attack”, you get a lot of stories about Cheney’s ill-health from gun lobby sources.

But when I searched  with the byline and NYT, although the links appeared to point to the story, I instead would get something else on the incident.  Finally, I went to the  Annotated Times  blog  and found the link .  and also one to the Washington Post’s  story, which appeared on A-1 and to the transcript  of Cheney’s interview with Fox’s Brit Hume  about the shooting.  Call me paranoid, but  I’ve made copies, in case these links disappear.

I’ll say one thing about Cheney’s interview.   He’s so good at description, you’d think he’d been reading John Dufresne’s guide on writing,  The Lie that Tells a Truth. 

 It’s in south Texas, wide-open spaces, a lot of brush cover, fairly shallow. But it’s wild quail. It’s some of the best quail hunting anyplace in the country. I’ve gone there, to the Armstrong ranch, for years. The Armstrongs have been friends for over 30 years. And a group of us had hunted all day on Saturday —

A regular short story waiting to be written.  Of course, Cheney’s  better at the lie part, than the truth.  I don’t read any deep soul searching  here.



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