Entry for February 11, 2006

With apologies to the estate of the wonderful Charles Shultz, I got this image from something called the “Souuthern (sic) China Regional Network Center”    and doctored it to show the current weather.

Why a mailbox?  I just noticed Yahoo has added a tool to count visitors and page views.  For instance, 44 folks visited in January and 61 folks  since February 1.  Not a high number, but about 98  more than I expected.  Yahoo! makes it cumbersome to add comments, unless you, too, have a 360 account.   So the rest of you, consider  sending an email and letting me know what you think.

As for the snow I added to the illustration, it’s falling and covering all the lawns.  I broke out the wool ragg socks for the first time this winter and  I home while the streets were still clear.  Wanted to return Verizon’s  overpriced  cell phone car charger which  hung down to the gear shift before the 15 days limit for refunds had elapsed. 

As of its 3 pm report, Weather.com is calling for a Winter Whiteout.   The storm here

will soon blossom into a full-blown Nor’easter.

Whiteout makes sense metaphorically, in the sense of erasing or at least covering the landscape, including the “errors” of things lile mine rubble and landfills.  But blossom? 

Weather.com’s calling the current light snow a “preliminary song and dance.”   Up where Mom lives in Northern VA, predictions are  the current rain will turn to 6 to 12 inches of snow.   RI, Boston and S.E.  MA will be the  big “winners” with over a foot.  Blizzards are possible in New England until Monday a.m.

As Charlie Brown would say, “Sigh.”   All this put the kibosh on the Floyd contra dance .



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