Entry for February 03, 2006

That’s Lenin, from Marxism International, Louis Godena’s blog at Harvard Law.  A few nights back, while researching the mine disaster I came across his comments and I was so ticked off at his tone when disparaging the miners that I replied:

Is this an example of Marxist support for working people? The contempt and condescension you show is no better than that of the capitalists you despise. “Poor life choices” sounds just like something the elite of the right would say. I am college-educated at a fine old institution (William and Mary) but I hope I lack your arrogance. And Jocelyn, you’ve never been to West Virginia if you think people there are unable to raise “a whimper of a protest.” You’re being fooled by the media you peruse and thinking that they portray what’s happening. I suggest you read coverage by reporters in the coal fields rather than the sanitized versions that run in the national media.  For instance ,

 The hundreds of people who had packed into the tiny white church erupted in anguish and anger. Roby grabbed her children and tried to push her way outside as the crowd lunged toward Hatfield, many cursing and screaming, “You liar,” she said. On her way out, Roby passed a person who was on the floor being restrained by several state troopers after trying to get to either the governor or Hatfield. “I’d say (Hatfield) was the target,” Roby said.

And West Virginia native Jack Spadaro, demoted by MSHA for refusing to sign off on Bush appointee Lauriski’s whitewash the earlier Martin County coal sludge spill, saying flat-out that the mine should have been closed. Davitt McAteerm another West Virginian, calling the National Mining Association on its b.s. that the safety risks were just “paperwork errors”. And by the way, who was it that stopped mountaintop removal before the Ivy educated John Roberts told the NMA how to sue to overturn the decision. Well I could go on and on, but first I’ll wait for an invitation.

Well, Mr. Godena wrote me back and sent  that invitation, saying he’d respond soon to my comments in his blog.  Let’s hope Homeland security won’t dog me!



One Response to “Entry for February 03, 2006”

  1. Louis G Says:

    I did respond, but never received a reply (unless I’m losing what little of my mind I have left). Btw, the recent primary election in which Hillary Clinton was able to persuade huge numbers of West Virginians that she was not only “one of them” (y’know, the typical hardscrabble background of Wellsley College, Yale Law School and the Rose Law Firm), but that she was best-qualified to save White America from Barack Obama, is a case in point. Other than dismissing half the voting-age population as mentally defective, how does one successfully analyze a people that refuse even a token spurning of their oppressor??

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