Rev. Phelps preys on Sago deaths

Photo of Pastor Fred Phelps by the AP’s David Zalubowski from 1999.

In the strangest development yet on the Sago Mining Disaster, Westboro Baptist wacko Fred Phelps has posted on his website schedule that he plans to picket the memorial for the twelve dead miners  January 15 at the Wesleyan Chapel at West Camden Avenue & Meade Street in Buchannon, WV.

This is to connect the dots for them. When they thought the miners were alive for 3 hours, they said God blessed them and that it was a miracle from God. Now they are dead; God spoke to them. He issued a curse and NOT a blessing.

He had posted an even more hateful flier:

Judgement in West Virginia!  Thank God for His Outpoured Wrath and for 12 Dead Miners. In religious protest and warning:  “God is not mocked!” God Hate Fags! & Fag-Enablers! Ergo, God hates the Sago Miners and is tormenting them in Hell, hypocritical Tallmansville village, and Wst Virginia.  MANY EVELS AND TROUBLES SHALL BEFALL THEM

“Then my anger shall be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them, and Iwill hide my face from them, and they shall be devoured, and many evils and troubles shall befall them; so that they will say in that day, Are not these evils come upon us, because our God is not among us?  And I will surely hide my face in that day for all the evils which they shall have wrought, in that they are turned unto other gods. ”  31:17 18.

Behold the heathen! Idolatrous caterwauling necromancers (left) at a “candlelight vigil (whatever the heck that is!) in a sodomite whorehouse masquerading as Sago Baptist Church! Jms. 5:21. They worship dunghill fag gods on “Brokeback Mountain,” and their holy book is “‘The Da Vinci Code’ not the King James Bible. God mocked them with a lightning bolt, agonizing deaths, false reports of life leading to fools gold jubilation followed by hopeless despair. “meet you on the other side eh? Yes, you all will meet again in Hell!

UPDATE on 1/24/06–Phelps has now posted two sagas about the “action”

  • Buckhannon, WV Miner Memorial Preparation Epic (January 2-15, 2006)
  • Buckhannon, WV Miner Memorial Prose Epic (January 15, 2006)
  • And I discovered this post by Carnacki today, dated 1/22/06 (Sunday):

    Phelps, keep in mind what you wrote about West Virginians. You looking for wrath, you just might find it. The people in coal country are not people to mess with — even when you’ve got field artillery and the U.S. Army behind you as people found out in the Coal Mine Wars of the 1920s.

    I believe God is loving and merciful.

    But you fuck with West Virginians at your own risk.

    I wasn’t even  sure about posting Phelps rubbish,  except to show how very hateful he is.  His second website is a screed on how God hates America with the events of  September 11 as the proof.   His third site hawks his movie which provide a rebuttal to HBO’s The Laramie Project, adapted by  Techtonic Theatre Project’s Artistic Director and founder, Moises Kaufman from his play.

  • Kaufman wrote The Laramie Project with the members of the company,  using those interviews and company members’ journal entries, along with trial documents and other found texts.  He had taken ten company members to Laramie, Wyoming in the aftermath of the Matthew Shepard murder in 1998.  They conducted interviews with the residents of the town just four weeks after the tragedy and  traveled to Laramie seven times and interviewed over 200 people during the course of the next year.

    The hypothesis was that if the company listened to the people of the town at this moment in their history, we would be able to create a document that would serve as a portrait of that town and, by extension, the country at the end of the millennium.

    The play premiered as a co-production with the Denver Center Theatre Company in February 2000 prior to its Off Broadway run at the Union Square Theatre, for which it  was nominated for a 2001 Drama Desk award. Time Magazine posted a classroom guide. after calling it one of the ten best plays of 2000. Here’s what one Laramie high school student, Elizabeth Hacker, said about the effect of the murder,

    When I look at Laramie now, it looks the same as it as it did when I was in seventh grade, when Matt Shepard died. October looks the same now as it did then, but I know that the October in 1998 left an imprint of tragedy and guilt on Laramie, one that still lingers today and one that will continue to linger for a very long time. The town of Laramie has gone through a lot, but only the people in Laramie can tell that particular story accurately. The worst insult a person can pay in this town is “you’re gay”. But yesterday I heard someone say, “When you talk like that, it’s no wonder that Matt Shepard got killed.” When people start talking like that, I know that there is hope for my town.

    I didn’t realize Phelps had gotten this weird.  He even picketed Mr. Roberts funeral in Philly.  We all remember Phelps here in Roanoke, where he threatened to show up in 2000  for the  funeral of a gay man murdered at the Backstreet Cafe.  Mary Bishop’s September 27 Roanoke Times story reported organizers as saying

    For every five minutes Phelps protests, the new Hate Free Roanoke Task Force is asking people to pledge a dollar amount toward the victims’ medical expenses and for counseling of others in the club that night. Kathryn Marlow, 22, had heard of a similar counteraction at a Ku Klux Klan rally years ago and helped hatch the plan.

    The task force will post a pledge box near Phelps at the funeral in Vinton and at any other events where Phelps protests. A poster thanking Phelps for picketing will say, “Fred, you’ve already helped us raise” — followed by a blank space where the amount will be updated every five minutes.

    By 2005, Phelps was protesting at the funerals of military members killed in Iraq.  In eastern Alabama, folks held a similar fundraiser for the family of Sgt. Christopher Taylor held a similar fundraiser.

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