Diane Gilliam Fisher

Diane Guilliam Fisher, author of Kettle Bottom

Let me share with you my latest discovery, poet Diane Gilliam Fisher, whose book Kettle Bottom was published by Perugia Press in 2004. I’ve got a request in for an interlibrary loan, as our system doesn’t have the book, but I’ve been reading her poems on-line.

The recommendation comes from my my friend, the wonderful Minnesota poet Francine Sterle, with whom I have been having a flurry of emails since she wrote Wednesday to let me know she had broadband and a new email address.

Francine is editing this January’s Verbal Events, an exchange of poems in progress by those of us who studied with Bill Stafford at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in November 1985. The title comes from Bill’s theory he shared with us that poems should be filled with early and frequent verbal events.  He expressed the same idea in a Febrary 1991 Interview with R. B. Strom.

Anyway, I told Francine that I was working on a poem on the Sago mine disaster and she wrote today to tell me about Fisher, who, like Francine went to Warren Wilson.
If I had attended the Appalachian Studies Association Conference at Radford University last March, I might have already known about Fisher, as she gave a reading, from One of Everything and Kettle Bottom, along with Jean Jeanne Bryner, Newton Falls, OH, who read from  Eclipse and Blind Horse: Jeanne Bryner, Newton Falls, OH, and Sherry Robinson, Eastern Kentucky University, who read from Clean Getaway. The 2006 conference is in Dayton.  I think someone from Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative will put me up, if I ask.

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