Frontline to air Country Boys by David Sutherland

Next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 9 to 11 at 9 pm the PBS program Frontline will air Country Boys, portraying the coming-of-age of Chris Johnson and Cody Perkins in eastern Kentucky. This documentary, filmed over three years, from 1999 to 2002 when Chris and Cody were 15 to 18, comes from David Sutherland, whose The Farmer’s Wife also aired on Frontline, in 1998..

Country Boys will also be the topic for Roanoke’s Blue Ridge Live!  call-in and discussion show at 8 pm on Thursday, January 12, during which guest experts and phone bank volunteers will answer questions and make referrals to youth based organizations and register mentors and volunteers. Partners include the Foundation for Roanoke Valley, regional Bid Brothers Big Sisters, Total Action Against Poverty, Boys and Girls Club, Child Health investment Partnership, Bedford Community Coalition.  To reach the program, call 540.344.0991 or toll free at 1.888.332.7788.  

The film was produced by San Francisco’s Independent Television Service (ITVS), which founded the nonprofit Link TV channel, which airs as part of the  set-aside mandated by the FCC for  non-profit educational or informational programming on satellite channels.  For other channels see the Benton Foundation.

Edited Wikepedia on the Sago Mine Disaster.  Writing Group tonight.

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