Entry for January 04, 2006

What a tragedy.   in West Virginia did exactly as they had been trained.  They  retreated further into the mine and hung a sheet to filter the air while waiting to be rescued.  After an almost 12 hour delay caused by high carbon monoxide levels, one one miner survived in critical condistion.  Miners’  families celebrated for three hours, after being told, erroniously, that  twelve had survived.  The families are angry that mine officials let the celebration continue when  they knew the true death toll only twenty minutes after the eronious good news, attributed to poor communication.  

Attended Evelyn’s announcemnt at City Council chambers that she’s running for the Democratic nomination for one of the three vacant seats on Council at 10 am.  Spent some time on the “Movement to Impeach George Bush”  and “Stanley Tookie Williams”  at Wikepedia.   



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