Entry for December 25, 2005

 The garden is almost gone at Katrina and Marshall’s, in the round perenial herb bed out front when she sent me, I was able to find Katrina a few sprigs of chives for the mashed potatoes.  The rest of the meal featured an organic turkey (a gift from one of Marshall’s architecture clients, Kerman Carter, once the web designer for Plowshare Center) and stuffing, honeyed sweet potatoes, string beans with yoghurt horssradish sauce, beats, cranberry-walnut-tangerine relish, eggnot from the Homestead Creamery in Burnt Chimney, Va, date nut and fruit bread made by Father Curry, Jesuit priest to benefit the National Theater workshop of the handicapped, wine, and the homemade all-butter chocolate chip cookies I a brought for a present. 

After dinner, we went with the girls and their grandfather to see  The The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , based on one of a series of seven books on Narnia hy C.S. Lewis.  When we left the Grandin, fog had set in, transforming the locale, as if under influence of the film. By the way, Tilda Swinton was quite something as  White Witch.

I can tell you without spoiling the movie, that during a game of hide-and-seek, Lucy chooses a wardrobe as her hiding place and enters Narnia, which has been frozen in a winter without Christmas for a hundred years. 

Appropriate for today, huh?  Also ironic, given the current global warming, which is now melting the Alaskan permafrost. When I got up this morning, one of my housemates, Misty, who is a film grad student at Hollins was laughing as she watched the television. There was Santa beating George Bush for global warming, while Frosty the Snowbucket (“Don’t worry about me, kids just love playing with a bucket of lukewarm water”)  looked on.  You can view the cartoon, “I’m Dreaming of a Warm Christmas, on of the series “Supernews”  by Josh Faure-Brac on Current TV, chaired by Al Gore.  Here’s what Gore said about founding the station:

America is a conversation where we talk to each other.  At the start it was “We the People.   it wasn’t we the conglomerates, it wasn’t we the corporations, it was we the people. .. It’s all coming one way.  Send us your stories.  We have to take television back.

You can view Current on Direct TV channel 366 or on the internet.

Oh, and one piece of political news.  According to the Onion, Rove has been linked to Santa identity leak.  



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