Entry for December 12, 2005

The above is a 2.25 inch refrigerator magnet offered for $13 for a pack of 10 by Ruth D. Shultz of Oklahoma on cafepress. 

These coins commemorate the stolen election of 2000. We hope that the American people will not repeat this mistake in the future.

On this date in 2000,  the US Supreme Court decided Bush v. Gore.  Those who feel Bush was appointed and fear the permanent decrease of our civil liberties in the proposed reenactment of the Patriot Act  may find it ironic that,  on the same date in 1776, before fleeing to Baltimore due to fear of a British attack on Philadelphia, the Continental Congress,  voted dictatorial powers to another George, Mr. Washington.  

And for other black humor, there’s a photo  showing Bush cabal member Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam.  You can find it at  the National Security Archive’s description of the U.S. tilting towards Iraq during Reagan’s first term. 



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