Entry for December 01, 2005

Stanley Tookie Williams III, the former founder of the Crips and now a nobel peace prize nominee for his work to quell gangs, is to be executed December 13, unless the Governator pardons him.  To learn what folks are trying to do to stop this state sanctioned murder, see http://www.tookie.com/ (his website) and also http://www.savetookie.org/, as well as the  transcript of yesterday’s broadcast interview by Amy Goodman on  Democracy Now. 

I often tell people that I didn’t have a 360-degree turnaround; I had a 720-degree turnaround. It took me twice as much. Just one spin around wouldn’t have done it. I was that messed up, that lost…[A]ny time that they can make it appear as though I’m still a monster, then society will say, ‘Well, kill him.’ It facilitates my death. Common sense.

Our Virginia Governor Warner had the guts to commute the death penalty for Robin Lovitt due to destruction of DNA evidence on the eve of his execution November 29, despite fears that it could make for a Republican smear heyday, if Warner runs for President.  Will The Arnold have at least as much balls as a former computer geek?






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