The Diggers (11/28/05)

The above poster is from the Digger’s Archive.  The caption found at UVA’s 60’s site reads,

The Invisible Circus: a 72 hour environmental community happening/sponsored by The Diggers, Artists Liberation Front, Glide Foundation; Glide Church, Taylor at Ellis, Friday 24, 8 P.M., 1967

The late Emmett Groganm  born this day in 1944,  founded “The Diggers,”  a group, something like the present-day Food Not Bombs.  Its members   scrounged for and provided food and other services to those in San Francisco’s  Haight-Ashbury district of  during the mid ’60s.  The group took  their name from the 17th Century English radical movement which opposed  feudalism, the Church of England and the British Crown.

Grogan  inspired Abbie Hoffman to emulate his efforts, but on the  Lower East Side of New York City.  He sang back-up for  Ramblin’ Jack Elliott on Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man.”  Dylan  dedicated his 1978 album “Street-Legal” to Grogan.   The actor Peter Coyote hung out with Grogan, while he was part of a radical street theater group.



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