Entry for October 26, 2005: Candlelight Vigil

Plowshare vigil tonight over 200th death in Iraq 

Okay, that picture is from the vigil held for the Pope, but wouldn’t it be nice if a lot of people showed up tonight?  Here’s the information:

The two thousandth American soldier has now died in Iraq.
In response, a candlelight vigil will gather near the City
Market building in Center-in-the-Square from 6 to 6:30 PM
tonight.  Please bring candles with cups to shield them from
the wind.  (We will bring some extras).  Please bundle up as
it will be in the lower 30’s with rain or snow predicted.
Also, please note: we do not have a permit for this.  We
don’t anticipate problems, however.  If there are
objections, we will move along and become a “moving” vigil.

For more information, call Gary Sandman at 985-0808.




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