Entry for October 08, 2005

Luis Rodriguez

It took me a while, but I learned to fall sideways.

Today’s poem on Poetry Dail  from My Nature is Hunger–New and Selected Poems:1989-2004 , published by the non-profit Curbstone Press is is The Wanton Life.

The poem  powerfully  depicts the detructive force of poverty and crime and the power of artistic creation to triumph over it.  He dedicates it to his son Ramiro, who was sentenced in 1998  to serve at least 14 years of a 28 year prison sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections  for three attempted murder charges stemming from an incident of road rage in Chicago.  Marc Spiegler’s portrait of father and son, published in Chicago Magazine is here. 

 An activist, as well as a writer,  Rodriguez founded the Chicago-based Youth Struggling for Survival. whose logo is above, as well as Tia Chucha Cafe Cultural. a bookstore, café, art gallery and performance space in Sylmar, CA, in the Northeast San Fernando Valley 24 miles northwest of Los Angeles.  He also founded Tia Chucha Press, whose latest book, an antholgy,  Dream of a Word is distributed by Northwester University Press.   His is the editor for the on-line journal Xispas.

You can email Rodriguez here.



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