Entry for October 05, 2005

So who is Harriet Miers anyway?

President Bush’s nominee to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court is raising lots of commentary, for instance on Slate and Salon.  Daniel Kurtzman has a new page on Harrriet Miers jokes on About.com.  Some wag has posted her supposed blog

The conservative group  Progress for America immediately launched a site JusticeMiers.com  These are the folks who want to ” improve the quality of life for the American people” by advancing “a conservative legislative agenda to reform Social Security, confirm President Bush’s judicial nominees,  [and] overhaul the tax code…”

And on the progressive side, People for the American Way has posted information.

  As Maureen Dowd wrote in the New York Times today:

W. is asking for a triple leap of faith. He has faith in Ms. Miers
            as his lawyer and as a woman who shares his faith. And we’re
            expected to have faith in his faith and her faith, and her opinions
            that derive from her faith that could change the balance of the
            court and affect women’s rights for the next generation.

            That’s a little bit too much faith, isn’t it?    



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