Entry for October 04, 2005

© Nina Bonos 2005   www.ninabonos.com   All  rights reserved to the artist. This image was reproduced with the artist’s permission.

Happy Rosh Hashona!

 Santa Rosa California artist Nina Bonos has won an award from the American Jewish Press Association for her illustrations in the San Francisco-based Jewish Bulletin of Northern California.  She is a member of The American Guild of Judaic Art, www.JewishArt.org. 

 She explains the symbolism as follows:

The Seeing Eye represents God’s omniscience. The ladder links heaven and earth, and represents an individual’s fate and spiritual development. Views of the Old City of Jerusalem are illustrated through the ladder, and the Judean desert is within the ark. The Book of Life has glowing Hebrew Chai, meaning life. Pillars evoke the temple and the Torah. Vines encircling the pillars are fashioned, at the top, into the Hebrew letter shin, another symbol for God. The sun and crescent moon evoke the change of seasons and the passage of time. Grapes and pomegranates are among the seven biblical species associated with the land of Israel, and also represent fertility. Apples and honey are symbolically eaten on Rosh Hashanah to express our desire for a good and sweet year. Olive branches surround the words in Hebrew and English: Inscribe Us in the Book of Life. The background sky transforms into twin tallitot, or traditional prayer shawls.



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