Entry for September 30, 2005

The Wall Street Journal Doesn’t Know Much About Old Time and Blue Grass Music

When I was scrolling through some old messages from the New River Old Time Community, there were a lot of comments about the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of Clifftop, which basically said that old time players are all Volvo driving dems and bluegrass musicians “live in rural areas and small towns, drive pickups, grow tobacco and vote GOP.”   

Tell that to Steve Earle, who wrote “Rich Man’s War” and helped  organize Operation Ceasfire with other musicians.  See http://www.opceasefire.org/  He was terrific last Saturday after the march.   Here’s a link to his program on Air America Radio.  http://shows.airamericaradio.com/revolutionstartsnow/
Tell that to the Dixie Chicks. Tell that to Johnny Cash, who prior to his death in 2003,  asked  his singer/songwriter daughter Rosanne to convey his opposition to the impending invasion to audiences at her concerts. Tell that to Willie Nelson, who wrote “Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth”  for Christmas 2003. 
Just wish there had been some old time music at the concert.  Maybe next time.  Above is a photo  fellow dancer Ty Brady took in Washington September 24.
 While you can’t read the original WSJ story without a subscription, there’s quite a commentary at The Red Clay Ramblers site.  And if you want a copy of the post to NROT including the article,  email me.




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