Entry for September 25, 2005

Dolores Huerta and Others Speak at Green Festival

One of the most inspiring speakers i heard today at the Green Festival sponsored by Global Exchange and Co-Op America  was Dolores Huerta, longtime activist who founded the United Farm Workers, along with Cesar Chavez, whom I remember hearing when Free Press staffers went down to the  United Mine Workers of America’s  1989-90 strike against Pittston Coal Company.   He told the strikers and their supports, “They can’t put the whole world in jail.”

 “Si, se puede,” the UFW slogan, “yes, you can!” Huerta had us shouting with her. I also got to hear Amy Goodman, host of Pacifica Radio’s program, Democracy Now.  What a barn burner.

I also got to hear Journalist Greg Palast  speak on money and politics.  I hear Kirsten Moller. Executive Director of Global Exchange speak about working with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.  There were a whole slew of people from Code Pink including Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan and filmaker Patricia Foulkrod of The Ground Truth: the Human Cost of War. 

Later I went to a birthday party at Busboys and Poets with my host for the weekend and his friends from the Arab American Institute.






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