Entry for September 02, 2005

This Pagan is against the war

Don’t believe what the Health Department says about the New Great Wall.  The food is great and I’ve never gotten sick there! 

This three table hole in the wall mostly take-out place between the ABC (Virginia’s Department of Acoholic Beverage Control, i.e. a package store to you yankees) and the Kroger Store at the Tower’s Shopping Center has great food cooked to order.  Today at lunch it was so crowded that the owner’s daughter seated me at a table Charlie of the Pagans so I could have my hot and sour soup that comes free with the meal while I waited for the steamed chicken and brocolli with garlic sauce.

Charlie is a large man in his early fifties with long,  graying hair and tattoed arms, wearing a tight Harley-Davidson t-shirt.  He works for Adams Construction and they’ve closed down 5 of their twelve asphalt plants. He expects the price of gas to go up to at least $5 a gallon. 

Charlie  also told me that most of the money spent by VDOT has been going for consultants bidding the construction jobs, rather than the jobs.  And that his fellow workers from far SW Va know Jerry Kilgore and don’t think he’s much. 

Charlie’s thoughts on the health care crisis:  Since he’s on federal parole for a RICO plea bargain (prior record not even a traffic ticket) for being in NY for a party when the Pagans were being indicted, when he’s too old to take care of himself, he plans on buying a box of shells and putting it his parole officer’s desk and saying, “Go ahead, lock me back up.” 

Charlie played football with former clothier and current real estate agent Steve Davidson at PH and tells this complimentary story about Steve.  When Charlie’s former mother-in-law wanted him to have a suit (“for weddings and funerals”), he went to Davidsons and wasn’t surprised that none of the ten salesmen would wait on him.  Just then he felt someone give him a bearhug from behind and he turned to see Steve.  “Hasn’t anyone waited on you?  Watch this.”  Steve proceeded to take out his tailor’s chalk and mark up a suit for alterations.  Just then the whole hive of salesmen swarmed up.  Steve told them he wanted to talk to them in the back room.  When he came back he told Charlie, “We just had a company meeting.  I told them that whoever come into this store is to be treated the same as they’re about to treat you.  They never know when they’re about to serve one of my friends.” 



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