Leave the Leaves, Part 3: Who’s D’ Boss?

Thanks to Diane for the source to post this poll!

Who’s in charge of the City?
Darling Darlene
The Mayor and City Council

It doesn’t work as elegantly as on Elaine’s site; however, you can enter your vote!  Why this poll?   Sadly, Elaine’s husband, Richard Normand just called and left a message that the leaves are gone and that he received a call from the Mayor that he supported “Leave the Leaves.”  It was a City Manager’s decision.  So, who is in charge of the City Manager?

Meanwhile that clever Roanoke Permaculture Association founding member Marshall McMillan-Zapf wrote me with this idea:

Lets get everybody, including those with cracked sidewalks to paint beautiful little leaves on their sidewalks, maybe we could come up with a stencil/leaf print kit and sell them for fund raising purposes; anyway the city will prioritize the repair of the cracked sidewalks, by the time they get to those the remainder will have cracked, in the meant time the refurbished are painted, but lo, by the time the latter are fixed – and we are all dead and gone the next generation will be painting those and the circles go ………. round and round.

Thanks, too, to Diane for information on The Wooster Collective:  A Celebration of Street Art. This is an  international showcase of urban/street art with daily updates. Not only visual art, but music (by podcast).  You can even  download art as wallpaper for your mobile phone  with the proceeds going to support Keep A Child Alive, which provides anti-retrovirus drugs to children and parents suffering from HIV/AIDS in poor countries.

My other  Leave the Leaves”  entries:
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