Leave the leaves, Part II: Does Roanoke Really Want Public Art


Got a return call from Kenneth King reiterating Ms. Burcham’s position.  Can you imagine what would happen in Roanoke had been in charge of the Caves of Lascaux?


Elaine’s friend Diane has posted a poll on art or graffiti  on Elaine’s website, where you can also see pictures and a narrative of her dealings with the city.


David Harrison of The Roanoke Times wrote an article  “Leaf art on sidewalk creates a pile of controversy.”

Fall has come a little early to the 500 block of Mountain Avenue Southwest, with dogwood and maple leaves ranging from bright green to flaming orange strewn across a stretch of walkway.

But look closely. Those fiery fall leaves are mostly confined to just a couple of squares of pavement on the odd side of the street. And they don’t crunch underfoot. In fact, those leaves aren’t leaves at all. They’re paint. …


Call him at (540) 981-3349 and say thanks or better yet, write the editor.


Quotes of the Day from Harrison’s article:

  • Somebody can put something down that everybody likes, but then the next guy might put something down that’s offensive, and we need to be consistent,”–Bob Bengtson, director of public works.
  • [Obliterating  the leaves ] “seems a little petty,…”My sidewalks are all busted up and cracked up.– David Whitmore, who lives across the street
  • I say just leave them [the leaves] alone. –Ted Farewell who lives down the block.
  • They’re kind of whimsical…This one is my favorite because it looks so real. –Elaine Fleck


My other “Leave the Leaves”  entry:

Art v.s. Graffiti

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